MacBus Meeting July 29th- HooToo TM03 what can it do for u?

MacBus Meeting
*Wednesday. July 29th 7-9 PM
@ Giant Willow Grove

Several of our members have discover a new and useful techie tool.
It is called a HooToo and it serves up many useful tools for today’s users.
See below for a writeup and an Amazon sales ad.

This meeting will be a hands on with some give and take discussion.
Bring your device if you want to participate and play.

Why I chose the HooToo TM03 over the other options available

Here’s what it does.

1. Has a 3000 mah internal rechargeable battery which equals about 1-2 full
iPhone charges (a partial iPad charge or 2 iPod charges)

2. Has an Ethernet jack that connects to a (Internet) wall jack and creates
a 5 user wireless network (about 30 foot distance at N speeds) – like a
mini version of an Airport Express) (runs about 8 hours on a charge) (can
create a private network anywhere)

3. Acts as a Portable Media Server for Music (MP3s) Video (Mov) Images
(Jpeg etc) Documents (Up to 5 users – can play from the music folder, Play
same or different videos, access documents, view images) Any 5 users any 5
files simultaneously – within 30 feet

4. Act as a card reader/writer when hooked up to a computer via its USB

5. Has the ability to use any Micro SD card up to 64GB inserted in it’s
internal slot to be loaded from a computer or uploaded from an iDevice
wirelessly (or Android devices) as a storage device to off load files from
the limited mobile storage capabilities.


At home it can be set to bridge your home internet WiFi allowing access to
its files throughout the house or area, or be it’s own private peer network

It can be used to move files from an iPad to HooToo to Android phone one
image or an entire folder of images (at N Network speeds) anywhere without
internet requirements.

We shoot with multiple cameras (all using some form of SD Micros and
adapters) and at the end of the day the chips can be placed in the HooToo
allowing review at iPad size and select specific images

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7 – 9 PM

The board has decided to have 4 meetings a year. These meetings will be held on different evenings at the same location as our current meetings, Giant Food Stores in Willow Grove. We will see which day is more convenient for members.


We will have our usual Q&A‘s at the November meeting so bring your questions and bring a friend or coworker who you think could benefit from our meeting. Review software for MacBUS and keep it – for free! We plan to give away books and software packages at meetings and all we ask in return is that you submit a review!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 9.30.07 AM

MacBUS July 29 Meeting


by Linda McNeil

Visual notetaking is a process of representing ideas non-linguistically. (That’s a fancy of way of saying, “drawing pictures.”) Visual notetaking can include concept mapping, but also more artistic ways of visually capturing and representing ideas. On the simpler side of the visual notetaking continuum, visual notes can be used to create narrated art. On the complex end of the spectrum, some visual notetaking applications support the creation of whiteboard animation videos which include audio narration synchronized to screencasts of drawings. Visual or graphic facilitation can be used at meetings to summarize presentations and guide discussions. Whether simple or complex, visual notes can be used to more deeply process information as well as communicate it to others with images.

FileMaker users

FileMaker Enthusiasts,

Our next Philadelphia FileMaker Developer Group meeting has been scheduled for Thursday evening, June 26nd, 2014 at 6:00 PM. The meeting will be held at Drexel University.  We’re pleased to have Kevin Ayers of Drexel presenting on Creating a High Volume Kiosk System with FileMaker Go.  Kevin will be presenting on this topic at FileMaker DevCon 2014

June 26th  6-8 PM

(Note that it is 3108 Market, not 2108 per previous email)
Hill Conference Room (Room 240)
Lebow Engineering Center
Drexel University
3108 Market Street, Philadelphia PA 19103

Please RSVP here

if you are planning to attend this meeting.  As always, pizza will be provided after the presentation, around 7:15 PM, along with post-presentation socializing and discussion.

MacBUS May 27 Meeting


(Hoagies, Soda, Chips etc.)


Members start showing up at 6:30
You will be given the opportunity to take a few minutes to intoduce yourself to the group. Tell us what you do for a living or your hobbies or what you have done in the past. It is interesting to see what others come up with. We have heard things as diverse as sky diving to member of a rock group to hospital administrator.


MacBUS April 29 Meeting

Dalo's World2Dale Fletcher will present
Use Digital Photos for Documenting

Time details, location details, equipment details, creating PDF’s. Equipment specifications, confirmation of delivery, condition of products. Practical uses of each type of details.

March 25 Meeting Postponed to Apr 1


Text Edit

Dale Fletcher will



TextEdit & Preview
(Things you didn’t know they could do)

TextEdit EFX sm

Text Edit has been around since the beginning of Mac. It used to be Simple Text and had the .txt extension with few options. Since graduating to TextEdit and using the .rtf and .rtfd formats, it has learned how to do a lot more. It is a most useful tool along with it’s alter ego Preview, together they can manage multimedia in many forms as well as most other word processors in a pinch. I’ll touch on as many features as possible and demonstrate how they can be used. Most of these features have been buried in there since Tiger, but they do not get much attention.Meetings are held at

Dalo's World2

About Dale.
Dale has over 40 years experience in the Audio Visual business. As technical director of staging for corporate meetings in locations around the world and design and installation of multimedia board rooms, he has had the opportunity to set up, operate and troubleshoot a large variety of equipment under less than desirable conditions. The various voltages and signal formats involved in audio, video, data and power all need to come together through interfaces and adapters to go up on the screen and out over the audio system without hums and speckles that degrade the experience or the content. This background gives him keen insight on why things just don’t plug together and work all the time. When a new piece of software or hardware comes out touting ease of use, reliability, broad compatibility, plug and play, and low price, Dale sees it as an entertaining challenge to put it to the test, and he has the equipment and experience to do just that.

Giant Food Store
315 York Road
2nd Floor Conference room
Willow Grove, PA 19090

The center has wireless Internet connections, a cafe serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plenty of free parking.