MacBus Meeting July 29th- HooToo TM03 what can it do for u?

MacBus Meeting
*Wednesday. July 29th 7-9 PM
@ Giant Willow Grove

Several of our members have discover a new and useful techie tool.
It is called a HooToo and it serves up many useful tools for today’s users.
See below for a writeup and an Amazon sales ad.

This meeting will be a hands on with some give and take discussion.
Bring your device if you want to participate and play.

Why I chose the HooToo TM03 over the other options available

Here’s what it does.

1. Has a 3000 mah internal rechargeable battery which equals about 1-2 full
iPhone charges (a partial iPad charge or 2 iPod charges)

2. Has an Ethernet jack that connects to a (Internet) wall jack and creates
a 5 user wireless network (about 30 foot distance at N speeds) – like a
mini version of an Airport Express) (runs about 8 hours on a charge) (can
create a private network anywhere)

3. Acts as a Portable Media Server for Music (MP3s) Video (Mov) Images
(Jpeg etc) Documents (Up to 5 users – can play from the music folder, Play
same or different videos, access documents, view images) Any 5 users any 5
files simultaneously – within 30 feet

4. Act as a card reader/writer when hooked up to a computer via its USB

5. Has the ability to use any Micro SD card up to 64GB inserted in it’s
internal slot to be loaded from a computer or uploaded from an iDevice
wirelessly (or Android devices) as a storage device to off load files from
the limited mobile storage capabilities.


At home it can be set to bridge your home internet WiFi allowing access to
its files throughout the house or area, or be it’s own private peer network

It can be used to move files from an iPad to HooToo to Android phone one
image or an entire folder of images (at N Network speeds) anywhere without
internet requirements.

We shoot with multiple cameras (all using some form of SD Micros and
adapters) and at the end of the day the chips can be placed in the HooToo
allowing review at iPad size and select specific images


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Additional resources for Visual Note Taking




Visual Notes apps (Comparison)

  • Apps for Visual Notetaking
  • Brushes 3  (Taptrix)  Free
  • Layers: yes (10)
  • Vector: yes   64 bit
  • Record:  can replay work
  • Comments: 2048×2048,autosave background, share +PSD files w/layers
  • Sketchbook Pro   (Autodesk)  $4.99
  • Layers:  yes but not enough
  • Vector: No but 64 bit
  • Record: Timelapse to record
  • Comments: iOS6 only, icloud support, 100 presets, customizable, reviews say buggy
  • My Brushes Pro    (Effectmatrix)  $4.99
  • Layers: yes unlimited
  • Vector: yes
  • Record: yes on unlimited canvas size, also can re-edit it
  • Comments: unlimited redo/undo, Retina, AutoSAVE,, export file, share to web
  • Neu.notes+    (neu.pen LLC)  $.99
  • Layers: pages not layers
  • Vector: yes
  • Record: support VGA connect to airplay
  • Comments: export vector pdf to Adobe Illus., unlimited redo/undo,share png & pdf
  • Vittle    (Qrayon) 
  • Layers: no
  • Vector: ?
  • Record: **Yes, share FB,YouTube, Vimeo
  • Comments: very easy to use
  • InkFlow     (Qrayon) $7.99 &  Free
  • Layers: no
  • Vector: yes
  • Record: ?
  • Comments: good for brainstorming, Insert txt & jpg, resize, share

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