Drive Genius 1.1.5 Maintain, Manage, and optimize your hard drive

“Drive Genius 1.1.5 Maintain, Manage, and optimize your hard drive” by ProSoft Engineering

Reviewed by
Linda McNeil
10/05 Drive Genius 1.1.5 Maintain, Manage, and optimize your hard drive

By ProSoft Engineering
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Drive Genius sells for $99.00.


Minimum System Requirements

Drive Genius requires a system with a G3 processor or higher that is
capable of running Mac OS X 10.2 or above.

Description of program or book:

Disk/System Diagnostic, Repair, and
Management Tools Suite that replaces Disk Guardian. This version of
the disk we received is an older version of the . Drive
Genius Version 1.1 added the following to the diagnostic suite:

  • Updated internal manual.
  • Additional checking before volume duplication.
  •  New free space shredding feature.
  • Attach Disk Image feature allows mounting of disk images while booted from CD

While Apple�s own Disk First Aid/Disk Utility has a diagnostic and
routine, Drive Genius can not only repair disk anomalies
but also optimize, protect, defragment, and analyze volumes. There
are many routines that users will find very helpful to maintain their
hardware integrity.


Drive Genius supports: Resize volumes on the fly; add and
delete a volume; device cloning; device/volume backup to image;
recovery of bad blocks and cloning; initializing drives; and OSX
partitioning for block devices.

Weakness & Limitations:

The only weakness is inconsistency. As a member of several user
groups I have asked different people their impressins of Drive
Genius. The responses were varied. Some functions worked fine on some
computers and bombed on others. Everyone I talked to seem to have
successes and failures to discuss. Drive Genius’s main competitors
are Micromat’s TechTool 4, and Drive 10, and Alsoft’s DiskWarrior.
Symantec�s Norton Utilities is no longer supported for Tiger.


In conclusion I would say that Drive Genius is an impressive
application that will help you maintain and manage your hard drive.
It will something to have in your grab bag for times when the �I wish
I had done that gremlin� shows his ugly head. It is not perfect;
there are other programs that do many of the functions better.
However, I don�t know of a program that does everything well.





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