InfoManager for Monday, August 13, 2012

for Monday, August 13, 2012
by Lynn Wegley, InfoManager, with coeditor Fred Showker

What’s Here:
01  Safenetting : Phishing Report 1208.13
02  New Drive-by Virus : Locks your computer
03  MacMate
04  Best 50 Apps for Kids
05  The Death of the Internet
06  Latest Trends: BYOD and Tablets
07  Sex, Lies, and Videos in South Florida
08  Pixelmator Supports Mountain Lion
09  Type2Phone
10  Latest Global Trends & New Resources
11  MacBundles August Bundle
12  Bluetooth Speakers ???
13  Girls on the Desktop?
14  Only 3 out of 10 apps made in U.S.
15  Quotes: Twain, Smith

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01 Safenetting : Phishing Report 1208.13

Back to SCHOOL? Most school systems in the U.S. will be
opening over the next two weeks– beware of spam and
phishing. New attacks come every day, and here are just a
few from this week . . .
* FBI issues ransom malware warning after being inundated by victims
* Why would tech support call you? Don’t fall for phishing
* Facebook Launches New Reporting Tool For Phishing Scams
* Facebook asks users to help it combat phishing
* FTC Finalizes Facebook Settlement over Privacy
* NVidia game pack phishing scam in the wild
* Phishing E-mails Spoof Payroll Services
* Anti-phishing phone bug trial begins
* Phishing e-mail smells like fraud<br />and more . . .


02 New Drive-by Virus : Locks your computer

FBI Crushes cyber crime ring Ransomware Locks Computers,
Demands Payment — There is a new drive-by virus on the
Internet, and it often carries a fake message — and fine
purportedly from the FBI.


03 MacMate

It is too bad that this didn’t come out prior to June of
this year. Perhaps it did, but if so, they didn’t get the
word out. This appears to be the best alternative to Apple s
MobileMe yet. And currently at the same price.


04 Best 50 Apps for Kids

This story from the Guardian by Stuart Dredge is worth
looking at if you have children that use smartphones and/or


05 The Death of the Internet

The Death of the Internet Imagine life without
electricity. although most of humankind has managed just
well without electricity, its loss would certainly impact
society most profoundly.

Now imagine that hundreds of thousands of criminals all over
the world could make a quick profit by doing something that
little-by-little killed the electric infrastructure. And
that politically adversarial individuals and governments
could speed up this looming catastrophe if they wanted to.
It is terrible to imagine. And yet, it is a very real threat.


06 Latest Trends: BYOD and Tablets

Tablets and the demand for bring your own device (BYOD)
environments have been dominating trends in the IT world
over the past 12 months. This week s Global Roundup
newsletter looks at what BYOD means across the world and
predicts what the tablet landscape could look like in 2020.
Is the BYOD trend here to stay?


07 Sex, Lies, and Videos in South Florida

Some of the aspiring young models thought they were
getting the chance of a lifetime when they showed up in
South Florida to audition for a man they believed to be a
legitimate talent scout. Instead, they were drugged and
raped on camera
— and the resulting videos were sold on the Internet.


08 Pixelmator Supports Mountain Lion

London, United Kingdom  The Pixelmator Team has released
a major update of Pixelmator, its easy-to-use and
feature-packed image editing software for the Mac. Designed
to take full advantage of OS X Mountain Lion and the new
MacBook Pro with Retina display, Pixelmator 2.1 adds support
for iCloud, a new Effects Browser with new Vintage and
Miniaturize effects, smart Alignment Guides and several
other enhancements.


09 Type2Phone

Luxembourg — Type2Phone turns your Mac into a Bluetooth
keyboard for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Type2Phone
running on the Mac will emulate a Bluetooth keyboard. Pair
your iOS device with the Mac while Type2Phone is running.
Now every character you type is funneled through to the iOS


10 Latest Global Trends & New Resources

Communication is a crucial cog in the workings of a
successful organization. The way businesses communicate has
changed a lot over the years, and many are now making use of
a unified communications (UC) system to bring the growing
number of communication channels together.


11 MacBundles August Bundle

TheMacBundles has announced its August Bundle. This
bundle has 10 apps for $39.95 valued at nearly $400.00.


12 Bluetooth Speakers ???

I’m shopping for a portable, carry-along speaker for my
iMac, iPod, iPhone … it’s a jungle out there, and we’d
like to get your referrals — please email with what kind of
portable, Bluetooth speaker you use!

I discovered the iShower water-resistant speaker for iPhone,
iPad, iPod touch, Android and other Bluetooth enabled
smartphones and tablets. It’s not just for use in the shower
— take it to the pool, beach, or spa, while keeping your
iPod, iPhone, or other device safe and dry up to 200-feet
away from the water.


13 Girls on the Desktop?

Now I’ve seen it all — there’s a app for your computer
now that deploys your selection of porn videos for your
desktop and screen saver. The company had the nerve to send
me a press release to run in the InfoManager!
What were they thinking ???

No links for this one!


14 Only 3 out of 10 apps made in U.S.

Top apps last week were from : Seoul, Korea; Kiev,
Ukraine; Scottsdale, Arizona; London, United Kingdom;
Singapore, Singapore; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; New Orleans,
Louisiana; Kiev, Ukraine; Glasgow, United Kingdom;
Bucharest, Romania.


15 Quotes: Twain, Smith

It is better to deserve honors and not have them
than to have them and not deserve them.
~ Mark Twain

There are two things to aim at in life;
first to get what you want, and after that to enjoy it.
Only the wisest of mankind has achieved the second.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith


16   … and have a great week!

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