InfoManager for Monday, August 6, 2012

for Monday, August 6, 2012
by Lynn Wegley, InfoManager, with coeditor Fred Showker

What’s Here:
01  iApps for Music Makers & Players Part 2
02  Safenetting : Phishing Report 1208.05
03  Pad InfoManager 1208
04  iPhone InfoManager August
05  Wordflex Touch for iPad Takes the Dictionary to Next Level
06  AppleLinks
07  Preparing your Mac for Mountain Lion
08  IWGuide for Netflix
09  RSS Readers for Mac
10  Cloud Outliner 1.0
11  Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes iPad app
12  iPad App Helps Children Cope With Internet Bullies
13  Quotes: Gibran and Woodhull

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01  iApps for Music Makers & Players Part 2

More and more are coming along, now we follow last
week’s iPad Music Infomanager with this new list! And, don’t
forget to note American Made apps, and support US Dollars
when you see the American Made icon! (at right) MADE IN
* iDrumming Drums Set, Free Customizable Electronic Drums
* Free Songwriting App with Rhymes, Chords and Beats
* The best Drums for iPad: Now with tap strength
* Groove 2 Music Player with Improved Sharing
* iFretless Bass: app for iPhone and iPad
* Orphion musical instrument for iPad . . . and more


02  Safenetting : Phishing Report 1208.05

The summer has not seen a decline in spam and phishing.
New attacks come every day, and here are just a few from
this week . . .
* Bizarre email scam involves horse, lard and sex toy death
* Email from disgruntled buyer leads to eBay phishing page
* phishing emails pose as network disruption apology
* Email Phishing Scam Hijacks BBB Name, Again!
* Don’t get ensnared in resume phishing scams
* What’s in a Name? That Which We Call Spam
* Spammers create Facebook-Social / Digg app
* Spammers create fake Facebook app
and more


03  Pad InfoManager 1208

This law suit business with Apple and Samsung is
dominating the news — everyone’s out to get the iPad !!
Here are the best tidbits
* Top secret iPad, iPhone prototypes revealed in court documents
* What to Expect From Apple in the Second Half of 2012
* Apple v Samsung: Can Look and Feel Be Patented?
* Apple’s iPad Mini to debut in November 2012
* Apple’s Authentec Buy Hints At Secure iPad
* 3 Reasons to Still Believe in the iPad
. . . and more


04  iPhone InfoManager August

With iPhone 5 on the verge, and rumors flying all over
the place about the Apple Samsung legal battle, you got to
keep up to keep in the game
* iPhone Dock Connector: What Going to a 19-Pin Connector Means
* iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to be unveiled September 12: rumor
* iPhone 5 release date: September 12, reports claim
* Apple says documents prove Samsung copied iPhone
* Apple’s Next iPhone: The Complete Rumor Roundup
* Apple designer: iPhone crafters are “maniacal”
* Apple claims Samsung made iPhone knockoffs
* The Fate of the iPhone 5
and more


05  Wordflex Touch for iPad Takes the Dictionary to Next Level

Wordflex Touch for iPad Takes the Dictionary to Next
Level London, United Kingdom — “Caution,” warned The
MacTrack in its review of the Wordflex Touch Dictionary, “if
you’re a word geek, it’s easy to spend hours.”


06  AppleLinks

I haven’t seen AppleLinks in ages.  I don’t know why I
stopped reading it on a regular basis, but something else
got my attention.  It has always been a great source for
news, reviews, and how-tos for Apple products.


07  Preparing your Mac for Mountain Lion

Nektony has introduced Disk Expert to help those who are
upgrading to Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion. Disk Expert is an
efficient disk space analysis and organization tool that
helps users organize hard drive content and free up disk
space. The utility scans the hard drive and generates a
chart representing the current file system on a Mac.


08  IWGuide for Netflix

Reno, Nevada — jeTap, Inc. has announced the release of
IWGuide for Netflix version 1.3 for Apple iOS as a universal
application. IWGuide for Netflix is a new way to discover
what’s new on Netflix Instant Watch U.S.A. service.

IWGuide has been approved by the AppStore review team and it
is the first and only third party application offering a
magazine like experience for discovering what’s happening on
Netflix streaming’s catalog on an iPad. On iOS devices and
Android devices, users have access to the same set of
information but in a more compact fashion.


09  RSS Readers for Mac

As you probably know, Safari in Mountain Lion has
dropped support for reading RSS feeds.  Charlie Sorrel on
Cult of Mac has listed 5 possible replacements for this


10  Cloud Outliner 1.0

X-Wave Soft has introduced Cloud Outliner 1.0 for
iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It enables the creation and
editing of outlines, the text format that has been shown to
be the most effective in organizing and sharing ideas.
Featuring drag n’ drop simplicity and powerful outlining
tools, the app syncs automatically with all of the user’s
iDevices via iCloud and also supports one-touch sync with
Evernote, the most popular note-taking apps for iOS.

With OPML import/export (Outline Processor Markup Language)
and plain text export, the app is for organizing, editing,
saving, and sharing information.


11  Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Recipes iPad app

CulinartMedia launches Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker
Recipes iPad app MADE IN AMERICA Harvard Common Press
partners with CulinartMedia to launch an app version of the
bestselling cookbook, “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker
Cookbook. Over 100 delicious recipes, each selected by
authors Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann to bring the
exciting flavors of today’s kitchen to consumers who want a
cooking experience that delivers both great results and the
functions, convenience and fun of a culinary app.


12  iPad App Helps Children Cope With Internet Bullies

New iPad App Helps Children Cope With Internal Bullies
Paperplane Pilots Pte Ltd, developers of innovative and
original iPhone and iPad story apps, has rolled out the
interactive story, Monkeys in My Head 1.1 for iPad. This
announcement follows months of story development, hand
illustration, and code.


13  Quotes: Gibran and Woodhull

“You’ve got a lot of choices.
If getting out of bed in the morning is a chore and
you’re not smiling on a regular basis,
try another choice.”
~ Steven D. Woodhull

“The lust for comfort: that stealthy thing that
enters the house as a guest, and then becomes a host,
and then a master.”
~ Kahlil Gibran


14   … and have a great week!

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