iPhone The Missing Manual

This book is an owners manual with a get out of jail free card
that will help the reader navigate the complexities of syncing, Siri, iCloud,
Facetime, or just the simple setup steps of a new owner.
David’s unique writing style has made this a humorous and intuitive guide to
one of the world’s most addictive and popular computers.
Linda McNeil

About Linda McNeil

Linda McNeil is also a professional artist (22 lithographs, 120 etchings, graphics, and artist books) and she maintains her own websites (www.brushcolor.com or lindamcneil.com). Linda is a media specialist with a master’s degree in Library/Media and Curriculum development. For the past 40+ years she has reviewed books and audiovisual materials for a Tri State YA Reviewing group (www.tristatereviews.org ). In addition, Linda teaches several online courses to teachers for the PA Dept. of Education.