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Brad Hoffman

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I am putting together a scrapbook of my mother’s childhood photos. Some of the photos are as much as seventy years old. I found myself spending a large amount of time placing the photos in an interesting and visually appealing arrangement only to end with a standard two diagonal to four photos square per page.

Then I found iRemember 2.0. It is a simple software program to allow anyone to make a digital scrapbook. The program comes with over 20000 pieces of clipart, over 196 backgrounds and over 600 templates to get anyone started. From other people who have used this program more extensively than I, you can even save iRememberBanner-forWeb your own pages as templates and use them later to personalize your page creations even more. Templates sizes are as big as 12×12. All I had to do was drag and drop my pictures from iPhoto and place them in a frame I chose. The frame crops away any part of the picture outside the frame. To resize, I used a scale slider control in the Inspector Window. You can even create invitations although I have not done so yet.

There are three benefits to using iRemember. The first is no more mess. Whenever I need to stop I just click and save. I don’t have to clean up from my last scrapbook session nor set up to begin my next one.

Two, iRemember is flexible. With what limited photos I had, I was able to change positions of those photos and text as often as I liked. After a day or two of reflecting, I came back to the photos, easily changing fonts, captions etc.

Lastly, the vast number of templates liberated me from store brought scrapbook patterns. I can mix both fonts and templates to create a truly unique scrapbook I can call my own. The price is $50

Chris Urban

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