July 2012 Meeting

Tuesday July 31st, 2012 Meeting at 7:00PM

Filemaker 12

Colin Keefe
Project Manager
IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Colin will show what’s new in 12


New layout design and controls

FileMaker Pro themes
The FileMaker Pro architecture has been redesigned to support rich, beautiful layout themes. You can easily change the theme by choosing from the Layouts menu in Layout mode. Apply one of 40 stunning new themes to instantly change the look of your database.

Layout object formatting
FileMaker Pro provides greater control over object formatting with features such as gradient fills, image fills (including scaling and slicing), transparency, object states, and rounded corners. Rather than setting default object formatting with no objects selected, use themes to set object formatting. You can remove styles from selected objects and control changing themes with multiple undo.

New layout assistance tools
In Layout mode, dynamic alignment guides, guidelines that drag out from rulers, and control over the grid give you visual cues to help you design new layouts and modify existing ones. Multiple undo and redo let you experiment and refine with ease.

Screen stencils
In Layout mode, you can click  to display guides that help you design layouts optimally for iPhone, iPad, and common desktop resolutions, or set custom dimensions. Improved accessibility FileMaker Pro supports assistive technology and the ability to access the FileMaker Pro document window and objects
on layouts using the keyboard and screen readers. With the new Accessibility inspector, you can add accessibility labels to layout objects, which are then interpreted (for example, read aloud) by users’ screen readers. Also, you can create accessible runtime solutions (with FileMaker Pro Advanced).

Updated Starter Solutions
FileMaker Pro Starter Solutions have been updated to a modern appearance with more options for customization. Manage projects, content, resources, estimates and much more with all-new, professionally designed solutions. New file format


Our annual indoor picnic (food)

You will be given the opportunity to take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us what you do for a living or your hobbies or what you have done in the past. It is interesting to see what others come up with. We have heard things as diverse as sky diving to member of a rock group to hospital administrator.