MacBUS April 29 Meeting

markbazrod-bosporus-20130205-986Mark Bazrod will present
The Heartbleed Bug

On a scale of 1 to 10 it = 11!
How to Protect Yourself

A semi-retired leasing executive living in the Philadelphia suburbs who is active in several Macintosh User Groups as a speaker, officer and Newsletter Editor.  He has written a monthly, two-page column for more than 5 years. The columns have been much improved by a Copy Editor.

Graduate of Wharton School and Temple Law School. Loves computers and is amazed by how grandchildren have taken to them and how the computers (Macs) have helped them read, do math, and solve problems.

Chris Urban

About Chris Urban

Chris Urban is current president of MacBUS. He is an Engagement Manager at Acquia, coordinating and leading the interactive development and design of enterprise-level systems and applications. He has developed and directed CMS and ECM implementations, migrations, and deployments, and specializes in "uniquely harnessing integrated methods of empowerment."