March 2013 Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Meeting at 7:00PM
(Members start arriving between 6:30 & 7:00 PM)
Mark Bazrod
Will Present

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Everything you’ve ever done with someone.
Every call, email, appointment, note, and more — all on one page.

History, at the flick of your finger.
Track every call, email, note or meeting you’ve had with someone. See if they have changed roles or moved to a different company. Review previous quotes or past projects you’ve worked on together.


Much more than a CRM.
doesn’t just help you manage relationships, it helps you build meaningful ones. Remember who you need to follow up with, the promises you’ve made, and who you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Easy to follow up with customers.
Create sets of common activities you do, add them to a contact and never forget to follow up. It’s easy to contact a bunch of people at the same time too – create letter templates right in Daylite using Pages or Word. You can even export a group of people to use with an email marketing tool like Direct Mail or MailChimp.
Know what’s on your plate.
Daylite’s home screen allows you to quickly see your schedule for today as well as any tasks due today. Or glance at the tasks you’ve added to your Worklist.
Know what’s on the horizon.
Easily see tasks or projects that have due dates, or sales opportunities forecasted to close in the upcoming week.

Mark Bazrod is currently Main Line Macintosh Users Group President, having been Treasurer and Secretary and a Board member since June 2004. He has been a presenter to both MLMUG, Macs@PACS  and MacBUS a number of times, has reviewed for MLMUG and writes a monthly column for its Newsletter for the last 5 years. He bought his first Apple computer around 1978 and currently uses a iMac as his main computer. He has been involved in leasing computers since 1968 and has been active in the leasing industry as a board member, speaker, Foundation trustee, and committee chairman. His company was one of the first to lease computer back in 1992. At 77 he’s still working and having fun.

Chris Urban

About Chris Urban

Chris Urban is current president of MacBUS. He is an Engagement Manager at Acquia, coordinating and leading the interactive development and design of enterprise-level systems and applications. He has developed and directed CMS and ECM implementations, migrations, and deployments, and specializes in "uniquely harnessing integrated methods of empowerment."