Quark XPress

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Bill Schwartz

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Address: Cheyenne, Wyoming 82003
Phone #: 800 676 4575
Online address: www.Quark.com
Subject(s): Page layout program

Interest Level: _x Business _all ages x_adult _college _High sch.
Price: $ 699.00
Copyright: 2006
Hardware on which prograsm tested: Macintosh G-4 dual 1.4 , 1.5 gig ram

Description of program or book:
QuarkXPress is a page layout program for both Mac OSX and Windows. It has been in existence since 1981. In Spring 2006 Quark released version 7.0 of it’s with over 160 new features. In version 7.0 the program adds support for OpenType, Unicode, and PDF/X. It also provides native transparency at the color level. Also, the composition zones or job definition format feature makes it the only desktop layout application with multi-user potential. It is expected that there will be a universal binary version released this Summer for Intel based macs.

This program is a very dynamic and intuitive program to use for designing everything from a simple brochure to magazines and newspapers. The size of the project can be easily controled by the easy to use displays and menus. As a new user to Quark, I found myself appreciating the layout and design of the program. The enhanced measurement palette also provides design functionality making the tools readily accessible. I also appreciated the synchronizing of text and pictures throughout a project so that I didn’t have to constantly check for changes in spelling or graphic changes. I really appreciated the fact that QuarkXPress integrates with native Adobe Photoshop images and the implementation of drop shadows.

Weakness & Limitations:
As a small business owner the new features that target workgroups and collaboration do not apply to my situation. I found that the main deterent was time that was needed to come up to scratch. For the most part I found it very intuitive but at times I relied upon the help index.

As a new user of QuarkXPress I found it to be very user friendly. However, I am also sure that experienced users will appreciate the 160 new features and the restructuring of the interface that I read about in the brochures. It won the MacWorld Editor’s Choice Award this year as a practical design application second to none. The ability to add drop shadows to images will come in quite handy in my work when I design layouts.

I enjoyed learning and investigating this application. I can see that it has a lot of potential for both simple projects as well as quite detailed books and magazines.





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Bill Schwartz is an enthusiastic mac user who works mostly with video and graphics software. Bill is a member of several mac user groups in the Philadelphia area.

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