RIP GrowlVoice

One of the most useful and practical apps to come along in the last several years, GrowlVoice, seems to have been axed in the last week, thanks to Voice being migrated into Hangouts.

Available for purchase for $4.99 through the App Store since at least 2012, was a formidable little app that allowed Mac users to access calls, texts and voicemail from their accounts, right from the Toolbar.


In a tweet posted last week, GrowlVoice announced that the access required by the app in order to function had been effectively terminated, thanks to Google:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 12.58.50 PM

This is a sad day for Mac users like myself, who’ve come to rely on this fantastic little app to help manage texts and phone calls productively, in a way similar to the Messages app integrated within OS X. We hope someone (or another App) comes along to help rectify this situation soon – perhaps it’s as simple as a change in the JSON parsing, and hopefully not symbolic of a larger issue.

Chris Urban

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