for August included four “ransomware” programs, which aim to extract money by locking victims’ files or falsely warning they’ve been viewing illegal material.
The ransomware programs block “the work of the operating system and display a banner that gives instructions on how to unblock the computer. For example, the user is told to send a text message with a specific text to a premium-rate number,” the analysts wrote.
Two other very old email worms, Bagle and Mydoom, also made the top 10. After infecting a computer, Bagle infiltrates a person’s email contact list and sends itself out repeatedly. It was the third-most-common malware in August even though it was also discovered in 2004.
Two variations of Mydoom took the eighth and tenth places. Like Bagle, Mydoom also collects email addresses from infected computers and emails itself.
Phishing attacks rose tenfold, Kaspersky said, but still only amounted to a tiny fraction of overall spam, at .013 percent. Apple was one of the main phishing targets.
“We frequently came across emails that supposedly came from the official address of the company, but which in fact were phishing messages designed to deceive users and steal their logins and passwords,” Kaspersky wrote.
Some of the phishing emails, which purported to come from the “Apple Security Center,” warned users that their accounts had been frozen and that they have 48 hours to confirm their details.
Users are instructed to click on a link in the fraudulent email. “However, both the request to confirm the account information on third-party sites and the absence of a personal address should alert users to the risk of fraud,” according to the post.

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This week’s Macworld OS X Hint

By Rob Griffiths (

Trim Mail attachments
If you’re trying to conserve disk space, and you’re a user of the built-in Mail application, you may be overlooking one source of disk space usage: attachments on e-mails youve received. By default, Mail leaves all attachments alone, even if you save them to another spot on your hard drive. Over time, you can build up quite a collection of old attachments. Deleting these assuming you’ve saved them elsewhere and no longer wish to keep them in Mail can save a fair bit of drive space. For example, on my machine, I have roughly 400MB worth of attached files, even though Ive saved all those files to other spots.

If you’re running the OS X 10.4 version of Mail, you can use a Smart Mailbox to help manage your attachments.