Adobe Creative Cloud Outage

Subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud, the online-based Adobe creative suite of software, experienced a day-long blackout of service yesterday, May 19.

According to an Adobe statement, the outage occurred during regular maintenance and affected the components managing user logins. Users of the online versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver were affected and unable to log in to work with the software.

MS Office for Mac blog closes; new OS X Office coming?

Two items of note this past week: the Microsoft web site dedicated to the Office Suite of software for the Mac closed down, and a long-overdue update for the package appears imminent.


The web site posted an announcement this week that new content going forward would be posted on the website; while not necessarily significant, it does suggest reinforcement of the Office suite of software being handled together, and not on a separate timetable, as it had in the past.

Then, this week at the Cebit tradeconvention in Germany, representatives from Microsoft acknowledged development of a new version of Office for the Mac, according to a report from Macworld, summarizing a story from Computerwoche. Reports suggest we should expect to hear more details and a timeline in the next few months from Microsoft.

Apple purchases Burstly

Following its strategy of acquiring smaller, lower-profile niche technology companies, Apple recently announced its recent purchase of Burstly, for an undisclosed amount.

In simplest terms, Burstly provides developers of iOS software a means for managing downloading and testing applications on devices. Typically, in software development, you would have to add devices to be used for testing, push the application out to the device, make tests, make changes and repeat. The company provides a platform that allows devices to be provisioned and managed, as well as which software each device should be allowed to download and test.

We can probably expect to see a Beta App Store function to be rolled out as Apple finds ways to integrate this with its existing systems.

OS X Mavericks Released

Apple announced on October 22 that the latest release of OS X would be available for free from the Mac App Store. This is a major shift from previous releases, where each OS X iteration was sold for a token $29. The announcement coincided with new hardware releases and new versions of iWork and iLife Apps, which are also being released for free (for qualified computers).

April 2013 MacBUS Meeting

WordPressMarket Your Business Using WordPress to Create Your Business Website & Blog
How it can be used to drive your business.

  •  A powerful and flexible tool for creating and Managing Your Website/Blogs
  • During the meeting Chris Urban will convert the current website and rebuild it using
    Wordpress 3.5.1—this will give everyone a live idea of what is involved in building a website and blog.
  • We will also look at tools that are available on Mac OS X and iOS to help manage your blogs once created.

Meeting will be held at
Giant Food Store
315 York Road
2nd Floor Conference room
Willow Grove, PA 19090

The center has wireless Internet connections,
a cafe serving breakfast, lunch and
dinner,and plenty of free parking.

March 2013 Meeting

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Meeting at 7:00PM
(Members start arriving between 6:30 & 7:00 PM)
Mark Bazrod
Will Present

Daylite Logo

Everything you’ve ever done with someone.
Every call, email, appointment, note, and more — all on one page.

History, at the flick of your finger.
Track every call, email, note or meeting you’ve had with someone. See if they have changed roles or moved to a different company. Review previous quotes or past projects you’ve worked on together.


Much more than a CRM.
Daylite doesn’t just help you manage relationships, it helps you build meaningful ones. Remember who you need to follow up with, the promises you’ve made, and who you haven’t spoken to in a while.
Easy to follow up with customers.
Create sets of common activities you do, add them to a contact and never forget to follow up. It’s easy to contact a bunch of people at the same time too – create letter templates right in Daylite using Pages or Word. You can even export a group of people to use with an email marketing tool like Direct Mail or MailChimp.
Know what’s on your plate.
Daylite’s home screen allows you to quickly see your schedule for today as well as any tasks due today. Or glance at the tasks you’ve added to your Worklist.
Know what’s on the horizon.
Easily see tasks or projects that have due dates, or sales opportunities forecasted to close in the upcoming week.

Mark Bazrod is currently Main Line Macintosh Users Group President, having been Treasurer and Secretary and a Board member since June 2004. He has been a presenter to both MLMUG, Macs@PACS  and MacBUS a number of times, has reviewed software for MLMUG and writes a monthly column for its Newsletter for the last 5 years. He bought his first Apple computer around 1978 and currently uses a iMac as his main computer. He has been involved in leasing computers since 1968 and has been active in the leasing industry as a board member, speaker, Foundation trustee, and committee chairman. His company was one of the first to lease computer software back in 1992. At 77 he’s still working and having fun.


Your iPhone or iPad can read to you. Enabling the Speak option makes it possible for your iOS device to read aloud any selectable text. Launch the Settings app, tap on General, and then choose Accessibility. Scroll down to Speak Selection, and tap to turn it on.

Now, go into any app where you can highlight text. Your options include Mail, Safari, Notes, and many others. Select some text, and you’ll see a new option appear in the contextual menu (you may have to tap the right arrow to view more options). Tap the Speak command, and your iOS device will start reading the text aloud.

July 2012 Meeting

Tuesday July 31st, 2012 Meeting at 7:00PM

Filemaker 12

Colin Keefe
Project Manager
IT Solutions Consulting, Inc.

Colin will show what’s new in FileMaker12


New layout design and controls

FileMaker Pro themes
The FileMaker Pro architecture has been redesigned to support rich, beautiful layout themes. You can easily change the theme by choosing from the Layouts menu in Layout mode. Apply one of 40 stunning new themes to instantly change the look of your database.

Layout object formatting
FileMaker Pro provides greater control over object formatting with features such as gradient fills, image fills (including scaling and slicing), transparency, object states, and rounded corners. Rather than setting default object formatting with no objects selected, use themes to set object formatting. You can remove styles from selected objects and control changing themes with multiple undo.

New layout assistance tools
In Layout mode, dynamic alignment guides, guidelines that drag out from rulers, and control over the grid give you visual cues to help you design new layouts and modify existing ones. Multiple undo and redo let you experiment and refine with ease.

Screen stencils
In Layout mode, you can click  to display guides that help you design layouts optimally for iPhone, iPad, and common desktop resolutions, or set custom dimensions. Improved accessibility FileMaker Pro supports assistive technology and the ability to access the FileMaker Pro document window and objects
on layouts using the keyboard and screen readers. With the new Accessibility inspector, you can add accessibility labels to layout objects, which are then interpreted (for example, read aloud) by users’ software screen readers. Also, you can create accessible runtime solutions (with FileMaker Pro Advanced).

Updated Starter Solutions
FileMaker Pro Starter Solutions have been updated to a modern appearance with more options for customization. Manage projects, content, resources, estimates and much more with all-new, professionally designed solutions. New file format


Our annual indoor picnic (food)

You will be given the opportunity to take a few minutes to introduce yourself to the group. Tell us what you do for a living or your hobbies or what you have done in the past. It is interesting to see what others come up with. We have heard things as diverse as sky diving to member of a rock group to hospital administrator.

Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One (CD-ROM included)

“Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One (CD-ROM included)” by McClelland, Deke
Reviewed by
Linda McNeil

Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One
By McClelland, Deke
Published by Deke Press/O’Reilley

Subject(s): Photoshop CS3 for graphic artists, designers, and photographers

Interest Level: X_Business _all ages X_adult _X college _X_anyone interested___
Price: $ 49.95
Copyright: 2007
Hardware requirements:
Compatible with any machine that will work with Photoshop CS3 (cross platform). Several exercises can be accomplished using older versions of CS. However, many projects can only be done utilizing PS CS3. (Adobe Photoshop CS3 Software, 512MB of RAM, 2 GB of free hard disk space (1 GB for Photoshop and 470MB for the One-on-One Project and video application files), remaining 630MB for PS scratch disk, Color monitor with 16-bit color video card, 1,024 by 768-pixel monitor resolution, CD-ROM drive, Apple’s QuickTime Player Software version 7.0 or higher, PLUS you must install all sample files, total training video training software, One-on-One Photoshop preference settings, color settings and keyboard shortcuts.)

Description of book:
Deke created this book for both amateur and professional graphic artists, designers, and photographers. It is another in a series of books that provide step-by- step lessons accompanied by beautiful full colored lessons combined with video lessons and data files. The author’s approach is a “hands on – a step-by-step process” that allows the reader to proceed at their own pace and establish their own sequence of lessons to personalize the instruction.

The book’s content is divided into 12 lessons that include several (up to 3 – 7) step-by-step exercises to explain the techniques. Explanations, data files, and video lessons support these real world project based exercises.

The book is highly visual, colorful, informative, easy on the eye providing nicely laid out pages on heavy clay based paper, and a comprehensive index to support the text.
The content is as follows:
Lesson 1: Open and Organize. File management and navigation
Lesson 2: Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows
Lesson 3: Color balance corrections
Lesson 4: Managing selection tools
Lesson 5: Crop, straighten, size
Lesson 6: Paint, Edit, Heal
Lesson 7: Creating and applying masks
Lesson 8: Focus and filters
Lesson 9: Building layered compositions
Lesson 10: Text and Shape layers
Lesson 11: Styles and specialty layers
Lesson 12: Printing and Output

The lessons are highly structured. Deke presents the key concepts needed for each lesson in the video tutorial. The advanced user is not left out because the lesson is structured so that the advanced procedures or extra techniques are placed at the end of the basic technique sequences. These segments are called “extra credit.”

In addition, the author helps the reader to check their grasp of the concepts presented in the chapter by providing an end-of- the-lesson quiz. The author presents the information in such a way that the reader will understand what to do, how to do it, and why it is done.

Weakness & Limitations:
Another potential weakness was the fact that the book does not cover all of the techniques needed to effectively handle Photoshop CS. The author has planned ahead and listed up front the techniques not included. He then states that there will be another book in this series to cover those techniques.

The only weakness I found was the index (same as the earlier books also). Although it is very comprehensive, it is visually boring. All the letters were the same. I have become use to having key topics or techniques bolded or highlighted to bring attention to major concepts.

After reading many easy-to-understand chapters and looking at the informative CD-ROM, I felt that my personal skills had definitely been improved substantially. At the beginning of each book-based exercise, it was very helpful to play the accompanying video lesson and learn about the key concepts involved. I love the “Read, Watch, Do” sequence for learning. Lastly, the wonders of the digital age have provided us with the possibilities of a virtual classroom in which anyone can invite an expert in the field to tutor them one-on-one. I would like to say that Deke McClelland has created a comprehensive training experience into which you can submerge yourself for hours at a time. In process of reading this book you’ll get a good dose of graphics theory, best practices, and tips for avoiding Photoshop disasters.