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Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One (CD-ROM included)
By McClelland, Deke
Copyright: 2007
ISBN: 978-0-596-52975-8 490 pages, $49.95 US, $64.99 CA,
Company/Producer’s name: Deke Press/O’Reilley
Phone #: 800-998-9938 Online address:

Deke created this book for both amateur and professional graphic artists, designers, and photographers. It is another in a series of books that provide step-by-step lessons accompanied by beautiful full colored lessons combined with video lessons and data files. The author’s approach is a “hands on –step-by-step process” that allows the reader to proceed at their own pace and establish their own sequence of lessons to personalize the instruction.
The book’s content is divided into 12 lessons that include several (up to 3-7) step-by-step exercises to explain the techniques. Explanations, data files, and video lessons support these real world project based exercises.
The book is highly visual, colorful, informative, easy on the eye providing nicely laid out pages on heavy clay based paper, and a comprehensive index to support the text.

Lastly, the wonders of the digital age have provided us with the possibilities of a virtual classroom in which anyone can invite an expert in the field to tutor them one-on-one. I would like to say that Deke McClelland has created a comprehensive training experience into which you can submerge yourself for hours at a time. In process of reading this book you’ll get a good dose of graphics theory, best practices, and tips for avoiding Photoshop disasters. L. McNeil
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Mac OS X Killer Tips (The Ultimate collection of Mac OS X sidebar tips)

Mac OS X Killer Tips (The Ultimate collection of Mac OS X sidebar tips (without the sidebars))
osx_killertips_smlBy Scott Kelby

Company/Producer’s name: New Riders Press, 2006
Contact: and
367p, $29.99, isbn- 0-321-29054-2
Subject(s): computer tips and tricks
Hardware requirements: A computer with Tiger (OS X) installed

Description of program or book:
This book is a collection of over 400 “killer tips” that fill the book from cover to cover with no techno-babble but lots of full color graphics. Readers are intrigued with these tips because they are cool, fun, and useful. They also give you something neat to show other Mac users.
Chapter 1. Winter Wonderland….Cool Window Tips.
Chapter 2. Show Me the Way…Navigating essentials.
Chapter 3. For Those About to Dock…Docking Miracles Made Easy
Chapter 4. Spotlight on Sam & Dave… Spotlight Search Tips
Chapter 5. Fly Like an Eagle…Mac OS X Tips
Chapter 6 Cool & the Gang…Way Cool Tips
Chapter 7. Cheap Trick…Mac OS X Pranks
Chapter 8. She Drives Me Crazy…How To Stop Annoying Things
Chapter 9. Surfin’ Safari…Tips for Using the Safari Web Browser
Chapter 10. You’ve Got Mail..Tips for Using Mail
Chapter 11. Takin’ Care of Business.. Business Apps That Come with Mac OS X
Chapter 12. It’s My Life..Tips for Using iLife Applications
Chapter 13. Talking Heads.. iChat AV Tips

The strength of this book is the well-formatted and colorful layout. Each two-page spread is nicely formatted with lots of white space and clear crisp graphics.

Weakness & Limitations:
The weakness of this book lies in the Table of Contents. Everything that is included is well done and quite clear. However the text is lost in the center gutter. For the most part the information that you want is hidden and requires shifting the book to finish a statement. If the graphics and text were reversed the graphics would be enticing enough to entice the reader to shift the book if time warrants.

It is impossible to summarize the content of this book in a review. But I will say that any reader, of any level will find new intriguing information. In the ”Fly Like an Eagle” chapter I learned about how to keep resized movies looking crisp, burning multiple times to the same cd, burning a folder isn’t burning aliases, etc. In the “Cool & the Gang” chapter I read about turning your photos into a puzzle, getting news on your screen saver, getting international weather, the dashboard super Slo-Mo trick, and from the Yellow Pages to Your Book in One Click.

After facing Scott’s wrath of blindness if you don’t read the entire introduction, this book is great to pick up in any spare moment and browse through some of the chapters for cool tools.





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